Kite Fuel

Kite Fuel Recovery 1kg Orange

Kite Fuel Recovery is a unique blend of whey protein, branched chain amino acids, glutamine, taurine and creatine. Designed to help muscles recover sooner and stronger, helping you to kite more frequently and for longer.
14 Day money back satisfaction guarantee!
Kite Fuel Recovery was designed to help kite surfers kite more. Our refreshing formula combines glutamine and creatine to promote muscle recovery and re-hydration in your muscles. Along with branched chain amino acids, whey protein and the right amount of carbohydrates all of which are essential ingredients for protein synthesis and reducing soreness after activity.

Have faith you can get the most from your kite session without feeling tired, sore and worn out. Eliminate the amount of soreness and tension in your body by simply taking after your kite session or workout, 
Helping you kite for longer and feel stronger.